Creating resources with a circular economy

We design sustainable solutions for the future, focus on innovative, efficient cycles every day, from research and development to raw materials purchasing to production – and if that’s not possible, we try to recover all valuable materials to give them a second life. This allows us to manufacture products with the smallest possible environmental footprint so we can enrich the lives of millions of consumers worldwide.

Solutions for Pet and Aqua Industry:

About Us

Yuniko, established in 2021 as a Symrise joint venture, to produce circular protein solutions for the feed industry. Click here to learn more about Symrise. 

Yuniko, located in Afyon Emirdağ, produces circular proteins for the animal feed industry. By processing residual flows into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients, Yuniko contributes to a circular food system preventing unnecessary waste. Its products ensure that valuable natural ingredients remain available and contribute to balanced feed with high-quality ingredients. To access our feed safety policy, please click here.

Solution Partner

Every egg produced in commercial operations is intended to become a human food grade product. Food grade product can be from the layer chain (producing food eggs), or from the broiler chain (producing eggs to hatch meat chickens). Not every egg meets all food standards or has the ability to grow a chicken, but these eggs are feed grade and can be used in circular economy.

Yuniko contributes to a circular and positive food system, preventing waste, and transforming waste eggs from poultry and poultry processing systems (unfertilized eggs from laying and broiler hatcheries, male eggs in egg hatcheries, broken eggs) into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients. We ensure the use of valuable, natural ingredients for the general health of animals.

Circular Economy

We process non-consumable eggs of the supply chain, transforming them into high-quality protein sources and other components, thus contributing to the circular economy by preventing waste.

Zero Waste

From a waste prevention perspective, we process our by product "eggshells" and initiate their use in different sectors.


We collect and record non-consumable eggs of the supply chain for traceability purposes and deliver them to the end consumer/feed industry.

Value Creation

We bring more to every collaboration through our deep understanding of ecosystem, our global reach and approach to sustainability.

Egg: Star Ingredient

Your formulations and processes can receive all the benefits of fresh egg without constant concerns about spoilage. Dried egg product performs like real egg because it is real egg—it’s simply dehydrated.

Besides being delicious and satisfying, an egg represents a treasure trove of nutritious components, delivering extended benefits such as immune support and anti-microbial properties , as well as functional properties like better texture and binding.

Benefits of Dried Egg

Toz Yumurta

Taze yumurtanın tüm besleyici faydalarına sahiptir: protein kaynağı, bağışıklığı güçlendirici özellikler, anti bakteriyel nitelikler ve daha fazlası.
Yüksek oranda sindirilebilir, önemli antioksidanlar ve diğer besin maddeleri içerir.
Evcil hayvan maması üreticilerinin kullanabileceği en yüksek kalitedeki protein kaynağıdır.
Toz yumurta, hacim olarak taze yumurtadan daha azdır ve daha küçük ambalajlar kullanılabilir.
Taze yumurta ile karşılaştırıldığında hacim olarak ağırlığı daha azdır, elleçleme ve nakliyede verimlilik sağlar.
Ortam sıcaklığında torbalarda veya plastik kaplarda saklanan kuru evcil hayvan mamaları için idealdir, çünkü uzun raf ömrüne sahiptir ve soğuk hava deposunda saklanmasına gerek yoktur.
Düşük kül içeriğine sahiptir; yumurta kabukları ve yumurta dışında bir madde içermez.
Kedi ve köpek beslenmesi için sağlıklı bir katkı maddesidir.

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